We are a full service talent agency representing the country’s culinary elite and a select group of inspiring thought leaders and trailblazers.

Our Clients

We combine our passion with an integrated array of client services.

Social Media Co-branding

STL works directly with our clients to build social media strategies that grow our clients brand online and engage with a world wide audience, creating vast engagement opportunities.

Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador

We provide Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson opportunities inclusive of a turn-key management platform that ensures our clients are professionally represented at every touchpoint.


Our team helps brands delve into the kind of excitement that only a great culinary experience can provide. We create, consult, and curate unforgettable, buzz-worthy culinary experiences from intimate demonstration to large-scale ambassador events.


The most sophisticated brands understand the power of culinary culture as a way to engage consumers. With the proliferation of technology, media fragmentation, and the relentless speed of culture, we believe in the power of shared experiences and passion points. Elevating the role of culinary and lifestyle in the marketing mix, we provide brands with solutions that cultivate emotional connections with consumers and drive tangible business results.

Strategic Partnerships

It’s all about relationships. We nurture and grow strategic partnership opportunities for our clients that propel their careers and expertise into unlimited opportunities.

Brand Development & Management

Our agency strategic partnership ensures our clients receive a fully integrated creative marketing team to support our clients’ branding, digital, video and social media requirements are consistent and innovative.


Muchas Gracias, Soniya for negotiating the perfect partnership for me with Don Julio Tequila. You are very professional and strategic in negotiating big contracts

Elia Herrera Chef

Soniya is a skilled & experienced Agent. She secured me solid partnerships with Stella Artois, Audi and Sobey’s. Pleasure to work with.

Patrick Kriss Chef

Over the years Soniya has partnered me up with some great brands. SONOS and AMEX to name a couple. Soniya is a master negotiator and brings big deals to the table. She is pro and manages my brand with TLC. Awesome work!

Grant van Gameren Chef Owner | Bar Isabel / Bar Raval / Quetzal / Harry's / Pretty Ugly / Victor Dries / Cressy House / Tennessee Tavern / Rosalinda / El Rey

Soniya is a STAR agent!: Focused, Passionate and Experienced. Her ability to negotiate and build client loyalty is impressive. Very proud to partner with LEXUS, Kitchen Aid and Icons of Italian Taste campaigns and the Food Network.

Victor Barry Chef Owner | Cafe Can Can & PianoPiano

Soniya understands the nuances of high level contract negotiations. She is a hard working & goal oriented. We have successfully partnered with luxury client brands and bespoke experiences. Kudos to everyone on the Sapphire Team!

Rob Gentile Chef Director, The King Street Food Company

Soniya's enthusiasm, ethic and drive are exactly what I needed in great representation. She has helped nurture and discover new clients such as Dairy Farmers of Canada, Foodland Ontario and Baci Perugina. She literally and figuratively brings food to the table.

Christian Pritchard Culinary Adventurist, Emcee, Dude

In a world of smoke and mirrors, Soniya gets things done

Mark McEwan Chef

Soniya continues to surprise me with her discipline and persistent drive.Very intuitive and focused on finding the right opportunity for me. I love the fact that she gets all this accomplished while running in her high heels! Soniya is a true professional & brilliant agent

Vikram Vij Chef

Soniya has been a great help in navigating the celebrity chef scene in Canada. She understands the culinary scene and is a great resource to discuss ideas with

Robin Linden Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge